If you’ve ever taken a bite of a cheeseburger and thought “wish there was more Monet in there” your in luck.  The good folks at the Chicago Artist Coalition are throwing their second annual Starving Artist benefit pairing Food and Artwork together for your delight. Its a worthwhile event drawing on the talents of:

Artist Laura Letinsky with Food Preservationist Tara Lane of Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

Artist Jeanne Dunning with Executive Chef Jared Van Camp of Nellcote

Artist Erik Peterson with Sous Chef/Head Butcher Erling Wu-Bower of The Publican and Publican Quality Meats

Artist Jenny Kendler with Executive Chef Beverly Kim of Bonsoirée

This year, each of the four pairs’ creations — both edible and aesthetic — will be staggered throughout the evening, introduced via a performance processional with accompanying live music and unfolding aesthetics, all orchestrated by local architecture and branding firm, weetu. Cocktails, beer and wine will flow freely throughout the evening, introduced accordingly to complement the artist/chef offerings.

Tickets available here:


$150.00 Individual
$200.00 Secret Society

or check these guys out on facebook:


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