Art on Track

Saturday, September 22nd, 5:00pm-10:00pm

Art on Track is the world’s largest mobile art gallery. AoT takes place on board a moving six-car CTA train. Each train car is given over for free to a different local artist or arts group to curate. You are invited to board the train and view the artwork. Once aboard the train, passengers in the gallery are encouraged to explore and engage with the artists and artwork.

The train will run along the Blue Line traveling back and forth between the

Logan Square and UIC-Halsted CTA train stops.


Tickets are $10, children under 12 are Free


The Art on Track train stops at:

-Logan Square


-Clark and Lake


You can purchase your ticket and board the train at any of these stations.

 or {Purchase your tickets online now by clicking here}

Route map:

2012 Participating Artists:


Chicago Design Museum


House of Frog


Gallery B.1.e.


A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales goes towards 

Foundation 119